#JenadraGoesToHoward: Quick First Semester Recap

I know this post is LONGGG overdue, and for that I apologize 😩 but I’m back! The series continues:

HERE IS MY STORY…*dun dun*

In my journey to getting to where I am now, I struggled.

(So I told y’all in #JenadraGoesToHoward (Part 1) that I was going through a lot this summer – I’ll break some of that down here): I applied to Howard just 6 days before the deadline. Got next to no financial aid. Had to find a roommate and off-campus housing in the area without being able to be here. And had no job lined up coming to the area, where the cost of living is pretty high.

I literally walked into all of this blind, but kept praying that if this was my purpose that God would allow me to figure it out.

August came, and here I was: a first semester grad student at THE HOWARD UNIVERSITY that just ventured to the DMV from Connecticut, on her own. I was nervous, thrilled, scared, excited, unsure, emotional, but nonetheless, ready to take grad school by storm!

Then reality hit: Moving to a new place by myself was a bit hard. I battled with some loneliness, depression, anxiety, not being able to secure that job, boredom…some days the only time I would leave my bed would be to go to class.

I can’t say that my first semester was easy by any means. If anything, it was sometimes painstakingly hard. Dealing with being in a new place by myself, worrying about money, sometimes half-assing my school work…. I procrastinated my ass off, I doubted myself often, and I even questioned if all of what was happening in my season of transition was actually for me….?

But by the grace of God himself, through endless prayer, and a lot a bit of hard work, I made it through…. with that 4.0 and a shiny new job !!! *praise break*

Never in a million years did I think I would be here. I entered undergrad as a Mathematics/Pre-Med major and finished my first semester at UCONN with a 1.7 GPA.

Never in post-secondary education had I ever achieved a 4.0…. so I’m still in shock, y’all.

Shoot, I’ve been here for FIVE WHOLE MONTHS and I’m STILL in shock at the fact that I really, actually attend Howard University!!

Apart from all of the emotional and school issues that I was facing, there were always some rainbows at the end of the shower.

I met some really interesting people since being here, experienced some REALLY amazing things, and through it all was able to live life by my own means.

I attended the Made in America music festival for my 21st birthday, got to experience my first ever Howard Homecoming and Hennypalooza (in the same weekend 💀💀💀), and so much more!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Even through the hardships, I was still able to enjoy my first semester as a graduate student (photos of some events and things above)…and to me, that’s all that mattered!

So I tell y’all all of this to get to my point:
Keep pushing even when the going gets tough.
Persevere and push yourself out of your comfort zone.
Learn to be proactive instead of reactive.
And if you take nothing else from this, remember to keep God first!

**(Comment and let me know if you have any specific thoughts, questions, or concerns– ideas even– about me/the series, Howard, the DMV. I look forward to hearing from y’all!)**

#UpNext: #JGTH: PWI Undergrad + HBCU Grad: A Perspective — Next week Friday!


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