Dear 2018, Sincerely 2017.

Dear 2018,

As I approached her, I asked, “what do you want from me?”

She replied, she “wanted to draw nearer to God, to plan for her purpose, to find and stand in her truths, to learn acceptance, and to become open and willing to change.”

We struggled a bit in the beginning because she came to me with a past: one she really wasn’t willing to unpack. She was broken. She had dealt with her fair share of insecurities, uncertainties, self doubts and failures.

We had a bumpy year…some days, weeks, months…that were harder than others.

I turned this young lady into everything that she is now, to be able to come to you, full and prepared.

I helped mold and shape her to be perfect for you. I gave my all to her, and now she’s ready for you!

So I want to welcome you with open arms, but I also want to say YOU ARE WELCOME!

We did a lot of the legwork. We focused on self-care, self-love, adulting, and all-in-all being true to herself…. but remember 2018, there’s still more work to do.

I’d appreciate it if you’d continue to teach her a few things….like how to let go of that self doubt because she makes wonderful things happen, that negative self talk because her mind is blossoming with dope ideas, any toxic relationships because her love is too pure to keep being thrown back in her face, and all that stress because she is too blessed to be stressed. She is amazing. And so full of life and love that she wants to share with the world….and I know that she can do it.

Therefore, when you come around, be nice to her!! I can’t lie…..I handed her a fair share of struggles. But she handled them with style, grace, and such poise. Times when I thought I was about to break her, she jumped into gear and became this version of herself that neither she nor myself knew she could be.

As I leave, she is changed….and for the better, so don’t you hurt her. We worked hard to get her to where she is now. Standing in her truths, filled with purpose, more resilient than ever before, and still remaining close to God.

Lastly 2018, use yourself to help her to:
& as always, as we did this year, never forget #ALLsmiles !!


(Comment and let me know what content you’d like to see in the new year…hoping to remain more consistent than I was in 2017. 🌸)


2 thoughts on “Dear 2018, Sincerely 2017.

  1. CherishingFLo says:

    I love the way this is set up. Beautifully written and a unique way to express New Year vibes! Enjoyed reading! I pray that you continue to grow in the year of 2018! Happy New Year!


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