Today marks ONE MONTH since my last post and since then, life has been HECTIC!
I’ve been neglecting my blog because there have been a bunch of things changing in my life that I had to focus on, but now I’M BACK with a series telling you all about those rather fortunate events!

This series of posts will document my journey into becoming the new-and-improved professional “adult” version of myself, days shy of turning 21 (AUGUST 30th🎉🎉).

If you’ve been following me on my various social media platforms (WHICH YOU SHOULD BE! and if you aren’t *side eye*, they’ll be linked below)you would know that I packed up and moved from little ol’ Bridgeport, CT to my new home in Silver Spring, MD. Almost 300 miles away.

Why’d you do that Nadra? Well y’all the choice wasn’t really mine….

How Nadra? That makes no sense. I applied to ONE graduate program. ONE! 

So when I got accepted into the School Psychology Master’s program at Howard University, I had NO CHOICE but to pack all of my things and run up out of Connecticut.

At the beginning of my senior year at UCONN, I made a list of 10 schools to apply to, but ended up only applying to one: HOWARD! I knew that Howard was the place for me and exactly where I needed to be at this point in my life, so I prayed endlessly (no yall, forreal. I’m still praying over this!) and God made it happen for me!

Here I am, almost exactly 2 weeks since the big move, which is a really big deal for me (because it’s my first time being away from home permanently, and graduate school itself is a BIG DEAL!) —– and I LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT IT.

Okay, maybe not EVERYTHING. But the transition has been smooth, and nothing short of amazing!

There are a few things that I do miss about CT, like my family and friends, free parking, and free plastic bags at the grocery stores (I’m sure they would charge you to breathe down here if they could lol).

But other than that, Maryland and Howard have been amazing to me and welcomed me with open and gracious arms! The people I have met so far have all been phenomenal, and I am really just so happy to be here!

(At New Graduate Student Orientation)

Instagram: @GingerSpicee_

Twitter: @ToldByGingerr_

Facebook: Jenadra Harvey

This post is only the beginning. The first look into my next few years as I grow on my own, a long ways from home. But this is for y’all. So feel free to reach out and tell me about what you want to know/hear. I’m all ears.


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