How I Keep a Tunnel Vision.

I don’t think I’d ever contemplated dropping out of college as much as I did in my last 3 weeks of my last semester. In my final stretch, there were so many times where I just felt like I couldn’t. Couldn’t do it. Couldn’t make it. I just couldn’t see the light at the end of the tunnel.

We have all been there. Hanging on when we are so burnt out and wanting to quit. There were so many moments when I said “I quit. I can’t do this anymore.”

But here I am, 5 days post-graduation and those assignments that were stressing me out are behind me, graded, and passed (might I add)!

So what makes me continue to fight and push when I’m at my wit’s end? There are two things: my want for better days and my family and their endless love and support.

I’ve told you all about how I’m a Little Black Girl From Bridgeport. Times were not always easy. Times still aren’t that easy. I experienced struggle and hardship growing up that persist today. Those trials and tribulations have brought me to where I am now. And honestly y’all, I just cannot take being broke anymore.

I always told myself that I needed to make it out of my hood. I needed to be the one that changed the trajectory for my family. And that is why I cannot quit. If I can’t keep that promise and make these changes┬ámyself, how can I keep the promises that I make to other people and expect them to be great?? (I, also, plan to be married with children in the future, so I’m always looking towards better days for them as much as I am for myself!)

Additionally, my family makes a way out of no way for me no matter the cost! My family is a family full of finessing and making ends meet – have you ever seen a family with 7 tickets get 20+ people into a graduation? Lol

Their drive, unconditional love, and never-ending support pushes me to keep my eyes on the prize as well. Without them, I would honestly be nothing, so I have to keep that tunnel vision to give my last name some meaning!

For myself and my family, I will ALWAYS go hard!!

[But if you don’t have a family like mine, keep that tunnel vision for yourself – because at the end of the day, it will ALWAYS be for you!]


(& shoutouts to Abe for the idea <3)

One thought on “How I Keep a Tunnel Vision.

  1. AC (@ashleyncraddock) says:

    I love this. I can relate, I have a close family and they have sacrificed so much for me! I’m the second person to graduate from my family soI tend to keep myself wrapped in tunnel vision for the same exact reasons. I want to be able to give my future family the world and set a new stone for the generations to come. Great post girl and congrats on graduating!

    Liked by 1 person

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