Multifaceted: having many definable aspects that make up a subject.

The idea of being multifaceted comes at a time when society is telling us that anything non-binary is abnormal. Telling us that we have to either be Instagram honeys OR pant-suit wearers in corporate America.

This urges us women to think that we HAVE to choose between polar opposite identities, rather than realizing that WE CAN BE ALL.

While on break, I thought a lot about who I was. (Cause you can be ANYONE you want to be while on vacation 😂) That urged me to think a lot about who I want the world to see me as. Do I want to be the girl with my body out on the internet or the prude that people think me to be? Should I be vulgar or should I keep my language as dainty as possible?

All of this introspection (mixed with the help of a few margaritas and tequila shots) caused me to realize that I don’t have to choose between:

Sophisticated or Ratchet

Reading books or Twerking

Being spiritual or Being a sexual being

Proper English or African-American Vernacular English

Being fully covered or Showing my assets on the gram

(& The list goes on…..)


I CAN BE ALL. I can be whoever I want to be really.

I should never have to sacrifice the ratchet bird head in me, or the educated me, or my bubbly and happy personality, or the “angry black girl” in me for the world’s comfort.

Take it all. Or leave it. ✌🏾💚🌸✨


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