How I Spent My Valentine’s Day

I love love.
I love the idea of loving yourself.
I love the idea of loving on someone else.
I love the idea that love makes the world go ’round.

I love that we all need love to make it through life.

So I’ve never hated Valentine’s Day. Even after my 9th grade “boyf” broke up with me for having my bestfriend be my Valentine (LMAO) or even after I got my heart broken.

Valentine’s Day is probably my second favorite holiday (only after my birthday, of course). So even though I haven’t had a valentine in a few years now, I’ve never been the type to be salty about the holiday.

This year, however, I was tired of loving on myself.

So I decided to love on my roommates and that really made my V-Day amazing!

On February 1st, I started my “14 Days of Love + Gratitude: Roommates Edition” for my three roommates. Each day I left them a heart on their door with the prompt that I had thought up. Each day I told them what they meant to me, made “funny” jokes, and just showed them how much I appreciated them.

And ultimately, that made my day – more than anything else could have. It pushed me to realize that there are other relationships in my life that need nurturing…and just how much other people need to feel appreciated. It also reminded me that there are much deeper loves to be focused on than the ones we are trying to forge with men these days.

My sisterfriends stick by me through thick and thin. And if anyone needed to know that I loved them on this V-Day, it was MOST CERTAINLY them!!

I love my friends. I love that they accept my crazy, annoying, and SUPER-dramatic self! So I spent the days leading up to the national day of love making them feel super-duper loved & that was all I could have asked for in a day. ❤


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